25 Jan 2017

5 migration trends to watch in 2017

Australian immigration was a hot topic in the media in 2016, with political promises being made to tighten skilled migration and permanent residency amidst concern over Australia’s unemployment rate.

This year in 2017, we’re likely to see a number of changes to immigration laws resulting from the Government’s review of Australian migration policies.

1. Changes to the way occupations qualify for skilled migration

A review of the lists of occupations eligible for skilled migration is already on the Government’s agenda so we expect to see changes this year.

2. Changes to eligibility requirements and pathways to permanent residency

In December 2016, Fairfax reported leaked government papers which revealed possible upcoming changes to permanent residency and Australian citizenship processes. Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton has already opened debate on changing the citizenship test.

3. Continued scrutiny of 457 visa applications and other skilled migration programs

With the media’s focus on skilled migration, it is likely that 457 work visas will be more rigorously assessed by the Immigration Department, making it more important to seek professional advice on how you or your business can build a strong case for migration.

4. Possible delays in Government visa processing times

Changes in immigration law and visa requirements may lead to the Immigration Department making further requests for information to validate a visa application, and this may cause delays in Government visa processing times.

5. Greater emphasis on the ‘character’ of a visa applicant

This is already being seen in the ten-fold increase in the number of visa cancellations and deportations since 2014, following changes to the ‘character test’ under the Migration Act.

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