19 Jul 2015

5 Reasons to work in Recruitment in Australia

If you’re considering moving to Australia, there are many exciting industries to find work in. However a career in HR could be just the job for you when migrating to Australia. The field of recruitment is one that has a high potential of both professional success and enjoyment. Below are our 5 top reasons to work in Recruitment when you move to Australia.


The high paying salary of those in recruitment is one of the main reasons people will choose to go into this field. Even though it can be difficult to start out in and to learn all the tricks of the trade, it is well worth it in the end. The average recruitment consultant in Australia, according to Payscale, is $52,214 per year.

Work Environment

Another reason many people want to take a recruitment job in Australia is because of the work environment. It is competitive to help you advance, but friendly enough where you can be comfortable asking questions when starting out on the job.

Growth Potential

The growth potential in recruitment makes it a job that people are willing to work hard in and put in the necessary hours. People who go into recruitment can quickly maximize their earning potential and climb the career ladder.

Interaction with People

Not only does recruitment require interaction with fellow employees in the company, to win over the business and find a proper candidate, it requires a high level of knowing how to interact with potential candidates to secure them a role.

Living Standard

Lastly, but not least, the standard of living in Australia is very high. Even though a job in recruitment can be extremely demanding at times, being able to relax and enjoy the day off with beautiful weather and coastline makes moving to Australia an excellent choice.

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