5 Feb 2016

5 Upcoming Industry Networking Events in Perth

New to Perth and keen to network with like-minded people in your industry? It can be tough at first to meet peers from your sector without a helping hand to guide you in the right direction. One of the best ways to network and engage with others in your field is to attend industry events. To this end, we’ve put together a brief calendar with details of upcoming events to help you make the right connections.


Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference, 24th February 2016
Anyone engaged in the oil and gas industry will definitely be enthused to learn about the opportunity to take part in the Australasian Oil and Gas Exhibition and Conference which takes place over three days towards the end of this month. Boasting over 500 exhibitors from 20+ countries, this event is the largest of its kind in the country and provides an invaluable chance to network with industry peers.


40under40 Awards, 9th March 2016
Taking place next month, the 40under40 Awards is intended to recognise and celebrate local young entrepreneurial talent. As well as a luxurious three course meal and live entertainment, you’ll also get the chance to see the awards being presented to those who have excelled in the various award categories including small businesses, intrapreneurs, family firms and not for profit organisations. Of course, this will also be an opportunity for you to meet and network with some of Perth’s most innovative young business talent.


Perth Tourism Industry Exchange 10th March 2016
Hosted by the City of Perth in Perth Arena next month, this event allows anyone involved in the tourism industry to come along and network, converse, exchange information and take in talks by guest speakers such as Andrew Taylor, Director of Acquisitions and Development for Starwood Hotels and Resorts Pacific Region. The event is open to anyone from the tourism industry from tour operators and visitor centre staff to those involved in professional events, hotel management and more.


Start Up Weekend Perth, April 29th 2016
Over the course of three days from Friday to Sunday, the Perth Start Up Weekend aims to help get you on the right track to starting your own business. Bringing together a diverse pool of people from marketing, development, design, and more, this intensive event enables you to pitch your own ideas, get feedback from others and ultimately start your own exciting venture!


Business Support and Networking Session, various dates
Organised by the City of Perth, these exclusive quarterly sessions are intended for businesses engaged within the retail, catering, and tourism industries. Business owners, managers and staff are all welcome to attend for all the latest information, news, helpful advice and networking opportunities. The idea is that by allowing people from similar industries to engage at a grassroots level, local retailers and other businesses will inevitably thrive and progress. These sessions are an initiative by the City of Perth and are intended to encourage and promote local business growth and development.

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