21 Jun 2016

6 Reasons To Migrate To Perth

Two million people live in Perth, making it Australia’s fourth largest city. Despite being the world’s most isolated city in Australia’s largest sate, Perth is thriving.

So if you’re looking for reasons to make the move to Australia and are wondering where to settle, here are a few reasons to move to Perth.

The Weather

Migrate to Perth and walks along the picturesque beaches in temperatures rarely below 20 degrees Celsius even in winter, barbeques and outside living in Perth’s Mediterranean climate could be a daily reality. You’ll be able to enjoy around 3200 odd hours of sun per year. The great weather and coastal location also means there’s plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beach lifestyle, including plenty of water sports.

Employment opportunities

There is currently a shortage of skilled tradesmen and women and builders.
If you have a gas industry, mining or oil based background then there is a very high rate of work in Perth and many of the largest companies in these sectors have offices in Perth.
Medically trained professionals are very desirable so if this is you, then think about a change to a new environment.

Teachers, subject to meeting criteria and potential retraining, are also in demand in Perth.
The financial sector has a large presence in the city and a move to Perth should see you settle in to a job role quickly, there are regular vacancies in this sector so keep your eyes open.

A home from home

It may surprise you to know that a move to Perth could feel like a move home. There is an ever expanding ex-pat community in Perth because it is so tempting for migrants and you won’t go for too long without hearing a familiar accent from your old home. This may be a comfort as you settle in after your move to Australia.

Healthy lifestyle

Migrate to Australia and you can take advantage of the healthy lifestyle available.

If you like walking there are many parks and Kings Park – just a stone’s throw from the city centre has so much bushland to explore, meaning you can run and jog in one of the most picturesque locations in Western Australia.

Another perk of living in Perth is that most public parks have exercise machines installed in them, meaning you can work on your physique for free!

On the edge of King’s Park is Jacob’s Ladder, people actually queue to make the 43 metre climb/descent and with just under 300 steps it’ll get your heart pumping.

For those of you who enjoy water sports, these are available in abundance when you live in and around Perth. From windsurfing to diving, kayaking and surfing, living in Perth is the perfect excuse to get active!

Dine and drink well

For food and drink Perth has much to offer the connoisseur.

A move to Perth will mean a move to the home of several micro breweries and just a few hours south of Perth you’ll find one of Australia’s most famous wine regions – Margaret River, meaning you’re in the perfect location of fantastic degustation opportunities. Due to the melting pot of cultures in Perth there is also a fantastic array of restaurants on offer including; Indian, Vietnamese, Italian and more!

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Sheila Woods

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A very experienced migration agent, Sheila has always been fascinated by this field. Her university degree thesis was on Australia’s post-war immigration history (and it earned her first-class honours).

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