14 Jul 2015

A Guide to Living in Cottesloe, Perth

Cottesloe is a beach suburb outside of Perth that is a popular destination for many. The main perks of living in Cottesloe is being able to get the best of the urban city of Perth, but still having the sleepy beachside town to live in when one wishes to relax.

It is recommended for various groups of people, from professionals to families with kids. Professionals will find it close enough to the Perth city centre, which they will be able to get easily in through the excellent highway system. Sea and sun chasers who come to Perth to live close to the coast will quickly fall in love with the suburb of Cottesloe.

Since it is close to the beach, housing investments are advantageous, and it is a calm area with low crime rates, good schools and an area that people generally move to for it’s reputation and trouble free lifestyle. Property prices have recently gone up since the start of 2000, and it is recommended to take advantage as the area is still undergoing development.

There are plenty of cafes, pubs and restaurants, and the location is close enough to the city and the beach to satisfy people who love an outdoor lifestyle. The town has an extremely lively atmosphere during the summer time with some of Australia’s best entertainment popping up on the beach and local venues. As well as the beach, Cottesloe is also full of grassy areas that are ideal for picnics, outdoor BBQ’s and beachside restaurants making it a favourite amongst locals and tourists alike.

Restaurants in Cottesloe, and Perth in general can be a little pricey in comparison to the UK, Ireland or many other European cities but if you’re working in Perth, the wages usually reflect this and if you’re visiting then you’ll be able to find loads of daily food promotions as the areas competitive when it comes to restaurants, bars and entertainment.

If you’re considering a migrating to Australia, Cottesloe in Perth is a town that will be sure to give you that Australian dream you’re looking for.

Who would suite living in Cottesloe?

Working professional families, Mature couples, Young Professionals

Sheila Woods

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