10 Aug 2018

How Australia’s citizenship changes could impact you

If you are a permanent resident you may be keen to understand how Australia’s Citizenship changes that will be reviewed in parliament over coming months may impact you if they are passed into law. The amendments propose several changes to the eligibility requirements for Australian citizenship and could result in more migrants becoming ineligible to apply for Citizenship. It could also result in the need for migrants to wait a longer period as a permanent residence visa holder before becoming eligible for Citizenship.

Here are the reforms to the Citizenship eligibility requirements that will be considered:

4 years permanent residence in Australia

Under Australia’s Citizenship changes that will be reviewed in parliament, migrants will need to have lived in Australia as a permanent residence visa holder for four years instead of one year before becoming eligible to apply for Citizenship.

Introduction of an English language test

Applicants will need to pass a stand-alone English language test and achieve a ‘competent’ level in speaking, reading and writing in the English language.

Citizenship test to assess Australian values

The new Citizenship test will feature questions to assess the applicant’s allegiance to Australia and adoption of Australian values, such as democracy, social freedoms and equality.

Applicants to demonstrate their integration into the Australian community

Australia’s Citizenship changes also propose the need for applicants to demonstrate how they have integrated into Australian society – for example, through evidence of employment, contributions to community or voluntary organisations, and school enrolment for children. An applicant’s character may also be assessed to determine if their general conduct has been consistent with Australian values.

We expect the changes could make it more difficult to apply for and be granted Australian citizenship. Last year, the proposed changes to Citizenship were heavily contested in the media and opposed by the senate. It will be interesting to see whether the changes are passed into law over the next few months. We will keep you updated.

Are you eligible for Australian Citizenship? 

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If you are considering whether to apply, you may also be interested in our article on the Top 8 reasons to become an Australian Citizen.



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