15 Apr 2019

Australia’s New Temporary Parent Visa from 17 April 2019

From 17 April 2019, sponsorship applications will open to allow Australian citizens/permanent residents and eligible New Zealand Citizens to apply for their parent(s) to come to Australia for up to 10 years on the new Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa.

The visa will however be capped to only 15,000 people per year, so we encourage those that wish to apply to do so without delay.

The new Subclass 870 Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa

– Provides an initial stay of 5 years, which can be extended to a 10 year maximum, with multiple entries back into Australia during the visa period
– Visa conditions apply to prevent sponsored parents from working in Australia

Under the new visa, the sponsored parent will need to be able to financially support their stay, have health insurance and meet strict character requirements.

The new Parent Visa option offers a longer continuous stay than existing Visitor Visa options and does not require a Balance of Family Test. It may also be an alternative to Australia’s permanent Parent Visa options, which
typically require either lengthy waiting times or very high Government fees.

How much will it cost in Government fees?

From AUD $5,000 for a 3 year Parent Visa
From AUD $10,000 for a 5 year Parent Visa
From AUD $420 for the Sponsorship application

Compare the new Temporary Parent Visa’s fees against Australia’s Permanent Residence Parent Visa options here.

How can my parent stay for the maximum 10 years?

A new Sponsorship application and Temporary Parent Visa application will be required for parents wishing to stay a further 5 years in Australia after the first visa.

The sponsored parent will need to leave Australia for 90 consecutive days before making the second visa application (with exceptions in some circumstances).

Does it provide a pathway to permanent residence?

Unfortunately, parents are not permitted to apply for Australia’s permanent Parent Visa options while holding the new Temporary Parent Visa.

Am I eligible to sponsor my parents?

This depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to your age, whether you can be classified as a child of the parent you wish to sponsor, whether you are an Australian citizen/permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen, the number of parents you would like to sponsor, your household taxable income, and whether you have any existing debts to the Government.

The sponsor will be required to support the parent financially, provide accommodation and comply with several sponsorship obligations, such as liability for any outstanding public debts incurred by the parent before they leave Australia.

Sponsors must also agree to information regarding any history of family violence being shared with the sponsored parent.

How Immigracious can assist you

You can read further information about Australia’s Parent Visa options here. As the new Parent Visa is capped to 15,000 people per year, you may wish to contact our Registered Migration Agents to advise on your eligibility to sponsor your parents and to discuss how we can assist with the sponsorship and visa process. 

Simply contact our Registered Migration Agents on or 08 6263 4406.

Immigracious Migration Agents
Migration Amendment (Temporary Sponsored Parent Visa and Other Measures) Regulations 2019
Migration Institute of Australia

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