2 Jul 2015

Change Your Lifestyle with Western Australia’s Booming Industries

There are many reasons why certain industries in Western Australia flourish at certain times, and if you’re looking to move to and work in the state, you should keep in mind the below for potential employment, which are the best industries in Western Australia right now.


With the fall in the Australian dollar, the tourism industry is benefitting as more people can afford to visit from overseas and travel further for longer. Regional areas in particular are seeing a jump in tourism, including the northwest town of Broome.


Western Australia has an ageing population, and the state needs more and more people to provide healthcare and social assistance, particularly in the major cities and towns where population increase is faster. In fact, healthcare is WA’s biggest employer, and the number of people needed is expected to double by 2050.


There’s been a huge increase in new businesses in agriculture industries in the last year. 7,800 new agriculture, forestry and fishery businesses grew in Western Australia, which benefitted from the low Australian dollar and saw good seasons for wheat and sheep. This has provided a jump in agriculture employment opportunities in rural areas.


Western Australia has been one of the leading researchers in several technologies including advanced robotics, oil and gas exploration and renewable energy, which are considered to be important to the global economy. If the state utilises this and becomes part of the manufacturing industry for these technologies, it will not only keep the talented engineers it has, but require more.

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Sheila Woods

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