15 Nov 2016

Changes To Including Family In Visa Applications

From 19 November 2016, children over 23 years of age and single parents will no longer be eligible to be included as dependent family members in a visa application as the Government changes its definition of ‘the family unit’ in migration regulations.

The ‘member of the family unit’ definition will be changed and limited to the spouse or de facto partner of a primary applicant, and children of the primary applicant or their partner who are dependent, which means extended family members and older children will need to seek other visa options to migrate to Australia.

This effectively limits the definition of the nuclear family, and the ability for migrants to include other dependent relatives (such as widowed parents) on their visa application.

Before the amendment, the ‘member of the family unit’ definition allowed a more generous pathway for extended family members to accompany their family to Australia. These family members also would have benefited from receiving visa pricing and processing timeframes associated with the primary applicant’s visa application.

The amendment will apply to visa applications on or after 19 November 2016. Exceptions to the amendment are refugee, humanitarian and protection visas, and children of any age who are unable to work due to incapacitation.

For further information or to find out alternative visa options for your extended family members, contact

Source: Migration Institute of Australia

Sheila Woods

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