14 Feb 2020

Coronavirus Travel Ban – How it Impacts Visa Holders

As a result of the Government’s recently announced Coronavirus travel ban, temporary visa holders will not be able to travel to Australia from mainland China – even if they have a valid visa.

The travel ban impacts:

-Temporary visa holders in China who intend to travel or return to Australia

-Temporary visa holders who have recently transited through China

This includes overseas employees on a Subclass 400, 457 or 482 Temporary Work Visa, and individuals on a Visitor, Student or Temporary Family Visa.

The Government originally intended for the travel ban to apply for 14 days starting from 1 February, however it has now been extended a further week from 15 February 2020.

Arriving at the border while the travel ban is place will result in denied entry and visa cancellation.

Here are a few FAQ’s on how the travel ban may impact you as a visa holder.

I am currently overseas and need to postpone my travel. I will no longer be able to enter Australia before my visa expires. What should I do?

If you are unable to enter Australia before your visa expires, you will need to apply for a new visa. It is not possible to extend the validity period of a visa.

I am a temporary visa holder in Australia and my visa is about to expire but I now cannot return to China. Can I stay in Australia?

Staying in Australia beyond your visa expiry date will require you to apply for a further visa before your current visa expires. A bridging visa may be granted to you while the Government processes your application for a new visa.

My visa has ‘conditions that prevent a further stay. Can I apply for a further visa?

If you hold a Tourist/Visitor Visa with a ‘No further stay condition’, a waiver can be arranged in some circumstances. However, it’s worth noting the process of requesting a waiver is complex.

Migration connections made simple

We encourage businesses and individuals to postpone travel arrangements from China to Australia until after the travel ban has been lifted.

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