5 Mar 2016

Cost Of Living In Perth vs. London

Moving to Perth from the UK certainly has its advantages. From the warm weather to the beaches and enviable work-life balance, it’s no wonder people choose to start a new life here. But did you know Perth is also, on average, 30% cheaper to live in than the UK capital of London? Just think what you could do with that extra money. Taking into account what you spend most of your money on, below is a rundown of the cost of living in Perth and London, from food to housing.


When doing your weekly food shop, put one litre of full fat milk into your basket and you’ll only pay around 69p in Perth compared to 90p in London, while 500g of chicken is around £3.72 compared to London’s £4.27. However, 1kg of potatoes is only 88p in London, compared to Perth’s £1.60. And if you like your beer, half a litre from a supermarket is around 46% dearer in the WA capital compared to the UK’s, standing at £2.56 to £1.75.


Accommodation in London is renowned for being pricy, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to renting, Perth is cheaper. Monthly rent for 900 square foot of furnished accommodation in an average area of Perth is around £889, compared to a whopping £2,019 in London. To heat your home is also more expensive in London – 19% more in fact – with £175 on a month’s electricity and gas compared to £142.


It turns out that London’s public transport is not only famously unreliable, it’s also much more expensive than Perth, with commuters paying out £128 for a monthly ticket compared to the equivalent of just £43 in Perth. And if you’re driving your own car, the average litre of gas in London in £1.17 compared to Perth’s much more financially friendly 63p.

Personal Care

Looking after yourself and your hygiene is around 29% cheaper in Perth than in London. This includes £13 instead of £16 for a men’s haircut, £1.63 instead of £2.01 for toilet paper, and £3.50 instead of £4.22 for shampoo. However, this 29% average also includes a 15-minute visit to a private doctor, which is £35 in Perth and £90 in London, so if you can make do with public doctors, the difference does decrease.


When it comes to entertainment in Perth and London, most things are cheaper in Perth. From going to the movies to dinner for two and a month’s gym membership, you’ll save money if you buy them in Perth. One of the biggest anomalies to this is the difference in the price for one minute on a prepaid mobile tariff, which is 42p in Perth compared to 19p in London.

Exchange rate: 0.49012 GBP/1 AUD

Sheila Woods

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