18 Mar 2021

FIFO Travel Impacted by Suspended Flights Between Australia and Papua New Guinea

As announced yesterday by Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, all flights were suspended between Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia from midnight last night, as PNG experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases.

While Australia’s international border is closed, people could previously fly between PNG and Australia if they met a Travel Exemption – for example, for Critical Work or Compassionate reasons.

The suspension now further restricts travel between the two countries for the next two weeks. 

Impact on FIFO workers and travellers

Freight will be unaffected, however the mining industry has braced for travel interruptions as suspended flights have restricted fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) workers from travelling to and from PNG.

Mr Morrison said all Outbound Travel Exemptions from Australia to PNG are suspended except for essential and critical workers – specifically humanitarian and medevac-related activity.

“This will include no general FIFO work. If you’re there, you stay. If you’re here, you stay. We cannot risk people going into those areas and back to Australia,” Mr Morrison said. 

FIFO workers and people who have travelled to PNG cannot return to Australia until restrictions are lifted.

The Government said it will reassess these travel restrictions in the next fortnight.

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