8 Jul 2021

Four-Phase Plan to Re-open International Travel and Emerge From the Pandemic

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison last week announced a Four-Phase Plan to re-open international travel to pre-pandemic levels and manage the pandemic. Here’s what you need to know.

Phase 1 – Vaccinate, Prepare and Pilot

Australia to reach a set ‘vaccination target’ – a specific number of people to be vaccinated in Australia to effectively prevent the spread of the Delta variant.

Phase 2 – Post-Vaccination

Lift caps on international arrivals – restore to previous levels for unvaccinated returning travellers and larger caps for vaccinated arrivals.

Caps for student and economic visa holders to enter.

New quarantine arrangements for vaccinated residents.

Reduce lockdowns except to prevent escalating hospitalisation and deaths.

Phase 3 – Consolidation

Australia is in a position to manage the pandemic similar to the seasonal flu.

No international caps on returning vaccinated travellers.

Increase caps for student, economic and humanitarian visa holders to enter.

No outbound travel restrictions for vaccinated travellers.

Travel bubble to extend to new countries, such as Singapore and Pacific nations.

No lockdowns. Vaccinated residents to be exempt from domestic restrictions.

Phase 4 – Back to Normal – Pre-Pandemic Travel

Vaccinated international travellers to enter Australia without quarantine.

Remove caps for unvaccinated international arrivals, subject to COVID-19 testing.

What’s next? | Four Phase Plan Australia

Mr Morrison said the Government is already committed to some Phase 1 measures:

Trialling a 7 day quarantine period with a small number of vaccinated travellers, instead of the current 14 days.

Commercial trials for the entry of student and economic visa holders

The adoption of a digital Medicare vaccination certificate 

Further reviews of hotel quarantine

What this means for Businesses and Visa Applicants/Holders

The Four-Phase Plan is very encouraging news and provides a path out of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions. It is certainly becoming more clear that vaccinations may start to provide greater flexibility for international travel.

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