11 Jul 2016

Hospitality and Healthcare Job Shortage in Perth Western Australia

There is currently a strong demand in the hospitality and health care industry in Perth, Western Australia.

Hospitality Job Vacancies in Perth

Shortages exist throughout the Perth hospitality industry, there are jobs for Managers, kitchen hands, waiters and bar staff, many of these vacancies are the hotels and restaurants in the Perth CBD.

Healthcare Job Vacancies in Perth

There are also vacancies in most Perth hospitals for doctors and nurses, so if you are a heath care professional or a hospitality worker head to Perth. You will enjoy living in the largest states in Australia, where the climate varies from beautiful Mediterranean weather in Perth to tropical weather in the North of the state.

Visas For Working In Australia

If you are a Perth employer there are many ways to fill your vacancies in Perth, one way may be to attract staff by reaching out to the working holiday visa holders who are already in Australia, many are tempted to stay because of the amazing life style opportunity Australia offers and need little encouragement to stay on.

If you want to stay in Australia once your working holiday visa expires, one way may be to get sponsored by an employer on a 457 visa, this visa allows you to stay and work in Australia for four years, it should be noted that you are tied to the same employer, if you want to move to another employer you will have to find a new employer and get them to sponsor you. As a 457 visa holder you are able to have your immediate family (partner and children) stay with you in Australia.

After the four years there may be a possibility to become a permanent resident and eventually an Australian citizen.

If you are an employer please be aware that you have you have to get approved as 457 visa employer. The process ensures that you can financially support the person you are employing on a 457 visa, you have to ensure that the job cannot be done by a Australian, and also there are a raft of regulation you have to comply with, recent changes in the law have made it essential that you get professional advice to ensure you comply with legislation, penalties apply.

Whether you are looking for solution to stay in Australia or you have need of more staff to fill your vacancies please feel free to contact our Perth office for a consultation with one of our registered migration agents in Perth or our Perth based migration lawyer.


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