6 Sep 2019

How Australian cities ranked in the 2019 World’s Most Liveable Cities Report

Australian cities consistently rank in the top 20 of the World’s Most Liveable Cities and this year was no exception. The Economist Intelligence Unit released its annual Global Liveability Index this week and announced the most liveable cities in the world in 2019.

Out of 140 major cities, four of Australia’s capital cities made it into the top 20 of the world’s most liveable cities. Three Australian cities – Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide ranked in the top 10 this year, while Perth sustained last year’s position at number 14.

The top 10 most liveable cities in the world in 2019

Here’s how Australian cities ranked in the 2019 Global Liveability Index top 10, including overall scores.

1. Vienna, Austria (99.1)

2. Melbourne, Australia (98.4)

3. Sydney, Australia (98.1)

4. Osaka, Japan (97.7)

5. Calgary, Canada (97.5)

6. Vancouver, Canada (97.3)

7. Toronto, Canada (97.2)

8. Tokyo, Japan (97.2)

9. Copenhagen, Denmark (96.8)

10. Adelaide, Australia (96.6)

How is liveability measured?

The Global Liveability Index considers the below metrics to assess a city’s infrastructure, public services and lifestyle and determine the quality of the city’s living conditions.  

Stability – including crime rates, the threat of terrorism and military conflict

Healthcare – including both availability and quality of private and public health services

Culture and environment – including the climate,
sport and recreational activities and level of corruption and censorship

Education – including both availability and quality of education services

Infrastructure – including the quality of road networks, public transport, water and energy and the availability of quality housing and telecommunications

Liveability in Australia

While Perth ranked outside the top 10 most liveable cities, it scored highly in all five of the index categories. Perth received perfect scores of 100 for Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure and scored 95 for Stability and 88.7 for Culture and Environment. Perth’s total score was 96 out of 100.

Adelaide ranked at number 10 with a total score of 96.6. It also held a perfect score of 100 for Healthcare and Education, and a score of 95 for Stability and 94.2 for Culture and Education.

Sydney made it to the top 3 with a total score of 98.1. It achieved perfect scores for Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure and scored 95 for Stability and 97.2 for Culture and Environment.

Melbourne rivalled Vienna for the top spot with a total score of 98.4 (only 0.7 points from the number one position). Melbourne achieved perfect scores for Stability, Healthcare, Education and Infrastructure and rated 96.3 for Culture and Environment.

Living and working in Australia

There are plenty of factors to consider when deciding on a city to work or live. Results from the Global Liveability index can help you make informed choices about moving to a new city based on the quality of its living conditions.

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