6 May 2021

How the Australia-New Zealand Travel Bubble Works

After many months of planning, the Australia New Zealand Travel Bubble commenced from 19 April 2021 to allow two-way quarantine-free travel between both countries. 

However, keep in mind that quarantine-free travel could be paused or suspended by either country at any time in response to COVID-19 outbreaks.

Travellers from both countries should also check arrangements in both their place of arrival and final destination as quarantine requirements may apply to specific locations.

Travel to NZ from Australia

Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents who have been only in Australia or New Zealand (NZ) for 14 days before their departing flight to NZ no longer need to apply for a Travel Exemption to depart Australia. Australia’s emergency biosecurity laws recently changed to allow this.

This only applies when NZ is the final destination. People transiting through NZ must apply for an Outwards Travel Exemption.

In addition, a two-way quarantine arrangement now also applies under the Travel Bubble:

All travellers (including Australian / NZ Citizens, Permanent Residents and Visa Holders) who have spent 14 days or more in either Australia or NZ before departure can travel quarantine-free to either country.

Travellers must meet the health pre-conditions, immigration and other standard border clearance requirements in each country.

This includes people who spend all 14 days in Australia or NZ OR people who travel from Australia to NZ and return within the 14 day period.

Travel to Australia from NZ

If you are flying to Australia and have been in either NZ or Australia for 14 days or more before travel, you do not need to apply for a Travel Exemption to Australia’s travel restrictions.

The same quarantine-free arrangement that applies to travellers from Australia to NZ also applies to NZ to Australia travellers (see above).

Previously, the Australia NZ Travel Bubble only applied to Australia’s Eastern States. From 19 April 2021, the bubble also allows quarantine-free travel from NZ to Western Australia (these travellers require a G2G Pass).

All international travellers to Australia need to provide an Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours before departure – find out more.

Do you have to be vaccinated from COVID-19 to travel?

You do not currently have to be vaccinated for COVID-19 to travel to either country, however Qantas and Air New Zealand have planned to trial Vaccine Passports in the future – read more here.

Immigracious| Migration Connections Made Simple

Since October 2020, NZ travellers have been able to come to Australia quarantine-free without a Travel Exemption, while Australians travelling to New Zealand have been waiting for Travel Bubble arrangements to be finalised.

Now with the arrangements fully reciprocated between both countries, we’re very pleased to see the Australia NZ Travel Bubble reunite families, boost tourism and facilitate international work without Travel Exemptions or quarantine.

Green and red zones have been created at airports to separate passengers from those that need to quarantine – read more here.

We hope this was helpful. If you need assistance with your Visa or Travel Exemption options, please contact Immigracious’ Registered Migration Agents.


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