3 Sep 2015

How to move to Australia with your family

If you want to move to Australia permanently, but don’t want to leave your family behind, the range of Australian family visas makes it possible, so you can bring parents, children, grandparents, and even extended family members to join you. In fact, family visas make up a third of all approved visas in Australia’s migration program – around 60,000 each year.

Immersing yourselves in the unique and vibrant Australian community and being so close to the wonderful beaches and natural wonders is amazing. So you and your family can enjoy all there is to offer, here are some things to remember before you apply for a visa for your family!

Seek Out A Migration Agent

Working with a professional migration agent in visa matters will not only save you time, but also money. The more types of family member you include on your visa, the more subclasses you have to deal with, which can get confusing. Work with someone that has skills and experience with this sort of thing and they can help you along the way, undertaking all the complicated tasks that you might face, so that you can acquire the best experience and results.


Family members will have to meet certain requirements to be approved for family stream visas. Health and character requirements need to be proven through health examinations with Australian government-accredited physicians, and with character documents such as police checks for each applicant that is at least 16 years old. Family members also need to be able to prove their identity with copies of passports and birth certificates that show name, age and signature. For each applicant, two passport-sized photographs are also required with their name written on the back. If you choose to work with a migration agent, they will be able to tell you exactly what documents each family member needs.

Give Yourself Enough Time

When it comes to the visa processing time, this can vary a lot. The Partner Visa can take anywhere from 5 to 10 months to be processed, whereas the parent visa can take a lot longer, anywhere between 2 and 15 years. The average child subclass visa can take 7 to 14 months. If you’re in or outside of Australia can also affect how long the process takes.

Take all of this information into account and you will have an easier time understanding how the visa can be acquired and processed faster. If you want to know more about including family members on your move to Australia, contact for more information.

Sheila Woods

Posted by: Sheila Woods

A very experienced migration agent, Sheila has always been fascinated by this field. Her university degree thesis was on Australia’s post-war immigration history (and it earned her first-class honours).

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