1 Mar 2017

Journey’s shared | Domino’s workers’ alleged visa exploitation

An investigation by Fairfax has uncovered allegations that franchisees at Domino’s Pizza have been underpaying workers and selling visa sponsorships to Australian immigrants.

The investigation included a phone recording between a franchisee and a prospective employee. The franchisee was recorded saying a visa sponsorship by the company would be possible in exchange for over $100,000.

Former Domino’s workers have claimed the practice is common in the pizza chain.

“I know of one person who is sponsored and works 60 hours a week and gets paid for 40 hours,” said one former Domino’s worker, Azrael Yin.

These workers are placed in a vulnerable position because if they complain about their circumstances, the employer could choose to revoke their visa sponsorship, leading to possible deportation unless the applicant can find another sponsor.

Under Australian immigration law, businesses must not ask for, receive, offer or provide a benefit for visa sponsorship and breaching these visa obligations could see a business face up years of imprisonment and fines up to $324,000.

It is also possible for immigration and employment law compliance penalties from the actions of a franchisee to transfer to the franchisor, therefore immigration compliance is vital at all locations of its business operations, whether in the hospitality industry, resources industry or other business industries.

As news of the investigation spread, Domino’s experienced a 15 per cent fall in share prices.

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