19 May 2016


Emigrate to Western Australia

If you’re planning on moving to Western Australia then you may be surprised to learn that there are other cities to live in outside of Perth.

Although Perth presents an attractive prospects for migrants to Western Australia, living costs can be higher than other cities in Western Australia.

Moving to Perth does have its perks such as job opportunities, great schools and higher education and the beach lifestyle, but cities such as Mandurah also have their benefits.

Moving To Mandurah

Situated just 73 km from Perth, Mandurah is actually only an hour’s drive. So for those of you who don’t mind the commute to Perth, living in a city such as Mandurah could be a good option.

Lifestyle in Mandurah

Mandurah is a stunning city surrounded by waterways and nature. You can regularly spot dolphins playing in the waterways here, and can escape to nature within minutes of this Western Australian City.

Job Opportunities in Mandurah

As a city, Mandurah does have a good amount of job opportunities for expats thinking about moving to Australia. The city has all the usual amenities of any city, so you’ll be able to find work in healthcare, trades jobs and more if you move to Mandurah.

Cost of living in Mandurah

With bars, restaurants, and local markets it is possible to eat and drink affordable in Mandurah, and if you like to keep fit then you can bag a monthly membership for around $20 per month. Even taxis are affordable when it comes to getting around, so if you want the Perth lifestyle without the huge price tag then Mandurah is a good option for those interested in moving to Perth, or at least near Perth.

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Sheila Woods

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