21 Dec 2015

Preparing to Move to Australia

Have you made up your mind to move to Australia for good? To avoid any problems and ensure a stress-free relocation, you must take care of the paperwork, shipping and logistics in accordance to the rules and regulations that Australia has set. It is also important that you organise your living arrangements before your scheduled departure, but only after your visa has been approved.  If you’re already working in Australia then you may already have been through a few of the steps or you’ll have decided it’s time to bring over the savings and all those memories you’ve got stashed in storage or your dog named Bob.

What you have to do when you decide to migrate to Australia?

Get the visa that you need

A visa is a vital entry requirement to Australia, and one that you should obtain before making further relocation plans. In acquiring one, you should use a migration agent who is familiar with the paperwork required, the process involved, and the many factors that can make or break your application. Although it is not necessary to use a migration agent, it can be worth the investment to ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

What can a migration agent do for you?

Provide advice on the most suitable visa to apply for
Provide an honest opinion about your chances of success
Ensure all paperwork complies with the standards that the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship has set
Help you deal with all the complexities involved in visa application
Make sure to hire an official MARA registered migration agent to avoid any problems and heartaches.

Prepare essential documents

Apart from the paperwork essential to your visa application, you also need to take care of personal records that you have built up in your soon-to-be old home. These include medical and vaccination records, bank accounts, job references, pensions, health insurance and other professional and personal details. You should also consider putting your will in order, just in case anything happens to you when you’re living in Australia and you should also know that will’s vary from country to country so it is advisable to get an Australian lawyer to look over this for you.

Arrange for temporary accommodation

You have the option to buy or rent a property before moving to Australia, but that could mean buying or renting without viewing, which can lead to certain problems. It is highly recommended that you buy or rent a property when you have already arrived in Australia and have had a chance to check out some local areas that you might want to live in. Maybe even try renting in a few of the Perth suburbs to see what suites your lifestyle and job prospects. It’s also worthwhile speaking to people you meet and or at your new job as they may have some useful tips for you.

Arrange packing and shipping

Packing all the stuff you plan to take with you to Australia is going to be an emotional and time consuming process but an innevitable part of the migration process. It is important that you pack ahead of time and to pack wisely and we highly recommend you source a reach out to a professional international removal company. Consider leaving behind what you can to save on shipping costs but don’t forget to research what it would cost to re-buy and how much you love your item. Shipping can actually be cheaper then re-buying. Something else that you might want to bring over is your Pet and you’ll be pleased to know there are also quite a few highly qualified Pet Shipping companies who will bring your fury friends into Australia. Of course you’ll have realised Australia is quite protective about who and what comes into the country so please do seek out professional help as you wouldn’t want your dog Bob being sent home or …

Stay in touch

Don’t be a stranger when you move to Australia. During the period of adjustment, you are going to need familiar faces and familiar voices to help you get through the change of atmosphere. So make arrangements to stay in touch. If you’re not already on social networks, join them and stay connected online. You can also join forums or groups, where you can get in touch with other expats like you. We’ll be covering some of these websites in future articles so do check back.

If you have any unanswered migration questions or queries, contact Immigracious at

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