24 May 2017

Suspended state nominations for skilled visas in the Northern Territory, Queensland and ACT

Are you thinking of applying for a skilled visa to work in the Northern Territory, Queensland or the Australian Capital Territory (ACT)? If so, it’s worth knowing that Queensland, the ACT and the Northern Territory have temporarily suspended state nominations for skilled visas for cases where applicants are applying from outside of these states or overseas.

The temporary suspension will be in place until 1 July 2017 so if you are interested in applying to work in these states under a skilled state nominated visa, you may need to apply after this date or seek other visa options.

Businesses in the affected states will also experience a delay if engaging employees who wish to be state nominated for a skilled visa before 1 July 2017.

Migration connections made simple | About state nominated visas

Skilled visas such as the subclass 489 and 190 visas allow workers to live and work in a designated state through nomination by the relevant state government. If you have a skilled occupation that is in demand in a particular state, the state government may be interested in nominating their support for your visa application.

To understand how we can assist you or your business during the temporary suspension, we encourage you to contact Immigracious’ registered migration agents on 08 6263 4406 or

Australian Government State Migration

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