22 Dec 2020

Temporary changes for Partner and Child Visa Applicants during the pandemic

Temporary changes will make it easier for Child and Partner Visa applicants in Australia to stay in the country with their families.

Applicants for the below Child and Partner Visas who are in Australia will soon be able to remain in the country while their visa is being granted.

Subclass 300 Prospective Marriage Visa

Subclass 309 Partner Visa

Subclass 101 Child Visa

Subclass 102 Adoption Visa

Subclass 445 Dependent Child Visa

Currently, migration legislation for these visas require applicants to:

a.) Apply for the visa from offshore
b.) Be offshore at the time of the visa grant

Applicants for the above visas who are in Australia would usually have to leave the country to have their visa granted. With limited flights available during the pandemic and the need to quarantine upon return, satisfying this offshore visa grant requirement can be a very expensive and risky exercise.

Child and Partner Visa Applicants in Australia

The Department of Home Affairs has announced that a temporary concession for the offshore visa grant requirement will be available from early 2021 to the above Child and Partner visa applicants in Australia and who cannot travel due to border closures.

The temporary change will help thousands of Child and Partner and Visa applicants in Australia, who will soon be able to progress their visa without the health and financial risks of leaving the country during the pandemic.

It also indicates the Government is continuing its focus on facilitating partner and family reunion – particularly for visa applicants currently onshore. 

This financial year, placements for Partner Visas have increased to 72,300 people, which comprises the bulk of the 77,300 placements in the Family Stream.

We will provide further updates as more information becomes available – contact us to find out your visa options.

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