12 Aug 2021

The 408 Pandemic Event Visa and Changing Employers

The 408 Pandemic Event Visa provides visa holders in Australia an option to extend their stay for two reasons – either to undertake critical work or because they cannot travel due to COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Applicants may be granted a stay period of up to 12 months for critical work, or up to 3 months if their travel has been impacted by the pandemic. Visa holders need to comply with several conditions and obligations. You can read more about the 408 Pandemic Event Visa here.

Whether you hold a 408 Visa or if you are a business that engages visa holders in one of the below eligible critical sectors, here’s what you should know about the visa conditions that apply when changing employers on a 408 visa.

Can I change employers on a 408 Pandemic Event Visa?

Yes – generally speaking, 408 Pandemic Event Visa holders that have been approved to undertake critical work in Australia can now work for different employers. However, you will need to continue to work in a critical sector to comply with your visa conditions.

You may be able to change between approved critical sectors – for example, from Aged Care to the Disability Care sector. Or you could move between employers within a single Critical Sector. If you are working for multiple employers, at least one must be in a critical sector.

Seasonal Worker Program (SWP) participants can only work for a SWP approved employer under the program.

What do I need to do when changing employers on a 408 Pandemic Event Visa?

Any changes of employment, such as moving to a new employer, must be notified to the Department of Home Affairs. This should include a letter of offer for each new employer and position. The Department will then send a confirmation message to acknowledge receipt of your notice.

Although the 408 Pandemic Event Visa does not require employer sponsorship, applicants must have evidence of ongoing employment to be eligible to work.

What if I can’t continue working in a critical sector?

If you hold a 408 Visa that has been approved for Critical Work and you are unable to continue working in a critical sector, you will need to arrange to depart Australia or seek professional advice on any visa options that may be available to you. This is because the Government applies very specific work limitations to 408 Pandemic Event Visas.

Some flexibility to work limitations have been provided to allow 408 Visa holders to change employers within a critical sector, or to work in another critical sector, however you must continue to work in a critical capacity for the duration of your visa.

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