12 Sep 2015

The Australian Skilled Regional Sponsored Work Visa

Also referred to as the subclass 887 visa, the skilled regional sponsored work visa can be applied for only once you have spent at least two year living in Australia. Most applicants have the skilled nominated provisional visa prior to obtaining the 887 visas.

This visa category is aimed at skilled workers who are agreeable to settling down in states or territories where there is a shortage of skilled workers within their particular industry or sector. Proof that you have been living lawfully in Australia for a minimum of two years is required to lodge an application for the skilled regional sponsored work visa.

If you’ve been in Australia for over two years on the skilled nominated provisional visa and are looking to apply for permanent residency, the subclass 887 visa is what you will need to apply for. The states and territories, which currently take part in this visa category, are South Australia, Queensland, Western Australia, The Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. It’s important to note that you will be expected to remain in the state or territory that initially nominated you.

There are some basic pre-requisites, which should be kept in mind when you apply for this visa. Applicants must be under 50 years of age and should be able to demonstrate a competent grasp of the English language. Your occupation needs to be included on the Skilled Occupations List and you will also need to undergo a skills assessment that generally encompasses particular qualification requirements as well. A health assessment and character assessment also form part of the basic requirements to apply for this visa.

You will also have to receive nomination from one of the afore-mentioned states or territories that participate in this specific visa category. Each state possesses a list of jobs where there is a skills shortage and the prospect of nomination is good.

Successful applicants will be obliged to remain in the nominating state or territory for at least a further two years. You will also need to advise immigration authorities to any changes of address and you will be required to participate in surveys as necessary.


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