11 Dec 2015

Top 10 Outdoor Activities In Perth

Perth’s climate and environment both lend themselves to outdoor pursuits such as water-sports, cycling, sporting activities and much more. Here’s our guide to the top ten outdoor activities in Perth to make the most of this ideal location.


Surfing and Australia are pretty much synonymous with each other and Perth is no exception. Prime surf spots include Rottnest Island, Cottesloe, Scarborough and Lighthouse to name but a few. Whether you are a seasoned surfer or an enthusiastic beginner, you will find surf spots to cater to all levels of surfing proficiency.


Nowadays, Yoga and Pilates classes are offered throughout the world. There is a lot to be said, however, for enjoying these activities in the great outdoors, which is where Perth’s warm weather comes in handy. There are a whole host of fitness studios offering classes to cater to all levels of experience with many even offering early morning beach classes – a perfect way to start the day.


Whether you want to learn to windsurf or you already have years worth of experience under your belt, the windsurfing scene in Perth has a lot to offer. There are plenty of outlets where you can purchase equipment or you can rent everything you need if you want to try the sport out first before you commit to buying a board, sail and wetsuit. Melville Beach is just one of many great spots, with equipment hire available in the car park and lessons available too.

Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

There are many opportunities to try stand-up paddle boarding throughout Perth with an assortment of places offering equipment rental and lessons. Again, Cottesloe Beach and Rottnest Island are highly recommended spots.


If you fancy trying out a spot of snorkelling in Perth, Mettams Pool should definitely be your first port of call. The calm waters are sheltered from waves by rocky outcrops, making the waters ideal for getting below the surface and observing the local aquatic life. Other recommended destinations for Perth snorkelling include Marmion Marine Park, Burns Beach, and Penguin Island.


Kayak tours, training and equipment hire are offered in abundance throughout Perth, whether you want to go with friends or with a professional guide. Swan River, between Fremantle and the Narrows, is a recommended kayaking spot.

Jet Pack Riding

Adrenaline junkies, take note. There’s nothing quite as thrilling as gliding through the air, propelled by streams of high-powered water. The more daring can also attempt all manner of acrobatic manoeuvres and daring feats at one of the many jet packing activity centres situated in Perth and the surrounding area.


If high-octane water-sports seem a tad overwhelming, there is always the option to go for a nice relaxing swim. Swimming out in the open on one of Perth’s many beautifully scenic beaches is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. Try some of the calmer water beaches such as those in Trigg and North Beach or the enclosed beach at Hillarys Boat Harbour.


There are a variety of sailing clubs dotted throughout Perth, welcoming members and visitors alike. Classes cater to all experience levels with recommended spots including Swan River.


If water isn’t your thing, why not explore Perth’s sublime natural scenery via pedal bike? There are loads of cycle trails to check out, from steep and challenging terrain to gentler, more relaxing routes. Recommended trails include those found in Kings Park, Yellagonga Regional Park, Swan Valley, and the Perth Hills.

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