10 Feb 2016

Top 5 Running Clubs In Perth

Are you looking to meet new people, get healthy and active, and see more of Perth in the process? Why not kill three birds with one stone and join a running club? Keeping fit has proven physical and psychological benefits, which are sure to improve your personal and professional life if you’re moving to Perth. Joining a running club will encourage you to keep up the habit whilst making some new friends in the process!

West Australian Marathon Club

Whether you’re serious about your running or an enthusiastic yet casual runner, the West Australian Marathon Club provides the opportunity to partake in exercise sessions, fun runs, club runs and other events. Don’t be put off by the name if you aren’t already a hardened marathon veteran; the club welcomes participants at all levels of experience and aims to help you achieve your own specific fitness goals and targets. Founded in 1970, the West Australian Marathon Club boasts over 1000 members encompassing age groups as diverse as toddlers to the elderly.

Northern Suburbs Running Group

Welcoming running lovers of any age or ability level, the Northern Suburbs Running Group meets in Joondalup and the surrounding region. The cool thing about the Northern Suburbs Running Group is that all sessions are completely free; simply show up and introduce yourself to the group to begin enjoying fun, relaxed fitness training with like-minded people. The group organises sessions throughout the week as well as weekends to cater to your availability.

Perth Running Club

Offering services from recreational running and junior groups to personalised fitness programs, the Perth Running Club provides a variety of sessions, courses and even presentations on fitness and motivational topics. The club boasts top level coaches and small group sizes to optimise personal benefit for the individual goal-based runner. Perth Running Club also offers a state of the art AlterG Treadmill which has proven medical benefits for those
looking to keep fit whilst recovering from injury.

Front Runner

Offering the expertise of professional coaches, Front Runner provides sessions specifically tailored to different ability levels from beginner and recreational right up to serious and advanced. Meeting at a variety of different locations throughout Perth from Monday to Saturday, the Front Runner Club is perfect for improving your fitness levels whilst meeting new people along the way. The club also provides many other services including personal coaching, workshops, camps, kids’ running and much more.

BT Run Club

Catering to all levels from complete beginner to those training for a marathon, the BT Run Club is a firm believer in the philosophy that anyone has the potential to improve within a fun, friendly and encouraging environment. Sessions begin at the Collins Street Centre in South Perth and take place during the week as well as on Saturday mornings. Most of the runs take place within view of the scenic Swan River, providing inspiring views as a backdrop to your fitness session. The club also accommodates those seeking personalised training programs to set and attain their own personal fitness goals.

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