7 Jun 2016

Why Use A Migration Agent

Why you should use a migration agent…

Mostly because they understand what’s required when you’re considering moving to Australia and using a migration agent will save you time and stress.

Whether you decide to hire a Perth migration agent to act during your move to Australia can be compared to the decision about whether you complete your tax return yourself or choose to employ an accountant.

While the professional is not a mandatory requirement, unless you are very confident about the process and your ability to navigate through it without being daunted a migration agent should get you through the various channels with the minimal amount of stress on your part.

Reasons to use a migration agent

➢ A migration agent must be registered to be able to legally advise clients. Their registration is with MARA, also known as the Migration Agents Registration Authority. Check the online or hard copy MARA register and ask a Perth migration agent for their registration number (a seven digit “MARN”) to ensure that your agent is bone fide. (An illegal agent faces up to ten years in prison if caught because the government views it as a serious crime.)
➢ Agents will provide a fixed written quotation for their services so there will be no unexpected financial burdens. Migration agents will factor in additional costs, for example, medical tests.
➢ They can ascertain from experience whether you, as an applicant, are likely to be approved or not. However, they do not make the decision about approving an application.
➢ They remove a great deal of the workload from the applicant.
➢ They are familiar with the system unlike someone who wishes to migrate to Perth.
➢ Migration agents in Perth will recognise if forms meet Department of Immigration and Border Protection requirements. The accompanying application fees are normally non-refundable so getting the application correct first time saves on further and unwanted expenditure.
➢ Fees are checked too, as forms, information and fees being missed would mean a rejection, this saves people who wish to move to Australia from delays and outlay.
➢ Agents have the most up to date legislative information and the expertise to advise on the kind of visa that a client needs. There are over 140 Australian visa types.
➢ Legal matters can be evaluated by them and the application tailored to unique client needs.
➢ They’ll offer support throughout any skills assessments.
➢ They may submit data to DIBP to support your application.
➢ Migration agents will lodge the application and follow its progress throughout, working with the government as required on the client’s behalf.
➢ They frequently offer follow-up support and advice for a successful application.
➢ If the application is refused a migration agent is trained to handle appeals and tribunals and to apply for ministerial intervention if this is deemed to be an appropriate course of action.

Using migration agents makes sense to safeguard your application, timescale, and to meet sponsor or employer requirements. Few people have the confidence to proceed without the advice and expertise that a migration agent in Perth offers and the benefit of peace of mind is worth their fee.


Sheila Woods

Posted by: Sheila Woods

A very experienced migration agent, Sheila has always been fascinated by this field. Her university degree thesis was on Australia’s post-war immigration history (and it earned her first-class honours).

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