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25 Jun 2015

How to Succeed in the World of Contracting

The world of contracting can seem daunting at first glance. Making a good impression as a contractor is vital, as it is elsewhere in life. Therefore, we’ve put together a thorough checklist of things you should do and things you should definitely avoid at all costs. Do: 1. Show initiative, be proactive, and have enthusiasm.…

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12 Jun 2015

Living And Working In Perth

As one of the world’s most isolated cities, that certainly isn’t reflected in what Perth has to offer from day to day life. With fantastic restaurants, a booming business district, world class entertainment, stunning beaches and parks, top schools and universities it really isn’t any wonder why so many people are trying to migrate here. We’ve…

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3 Jun 2015

How to be prepared for important meetings

Here’s a few things to avoid and master when meeting new people A lot of people don’t notice the way they sound to others this is simply because their subconscious mind sends multiple messages that they may not pay attention to, which other people can easily sense. Your choice of words can hurt your credibility…

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