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17 Dec 2021

Australia Lifts Travel Ban on Arrivals From Southern Africa

Australia has lifted its travel ban on arrivals from the below southern African nations:  South Africa  Lesotho Zimbabwe Botswana Namibia Mozambique Malawi Eswatini Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents and fully-vaccinated eligible visa holders travelling from the above nations can now arrive in Australia without a Travel Exemption, whereas unvaccinated travellers will need an approved Travel Exemption. However, currently, there are no direct flights from…

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1 Dec 2021

How Omicron could impact Australia’s plans to re-open international travel

Like much of the world, Australia is seeking further advice on the new COVID-19 Omicron variant’s level of transmission, whether it causes severe illness and if existing vaccines will still be effective.  While these factors are still being confirmed, Prime Minister Scott Morrison yesterday announced that plans to allow Skilled Visa and Student Visa holders to come to Australia without…

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