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23 Mar 2021

Travel Bubble Australia | Plans with New Zealand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Fiji

This month, Deputy Prime Minister, Michael McCormack told ABC News the Government is working with Singapore on a plan to create an Australia-Singapore Travel Bubble, which could start from as early as July 2021. Encouraging news also emerged for a Travel Bubble with New Zealand (NZ), with agreements between Australia and NZ in final stages. Australia’s emergency biosecurity…

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23 Mar 2021

Leaving Australia in the COVID-19 Era | Outbound Travel Exemptions

With reportedly more than 11,000 Australians getting Outbound Travel Exemptions to head overseas each month, there are many reasons why a person may need to leave Australia – for example, for Compassionate circumstances or Critical Work overseas. According to FOI data from the Department of Home Affairs, 105,028 Travel Exemptions were approved for people to…

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18 Mar 2021

FIFO Travel Impacted by Suspended Flights Between Australia and Papua New Guinea

As announced yesterday by Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, all flights were suspended between Papua New Guinea (PNG) and Australia from midnight last night, as PNG experiences a surge in COVID-19 cases. While Australia’s international border is closed, people could previously fly between PNG and Australia if they met a Travel Exemption – for example, for Critical Work…

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9 Mar 2021

Partner Visas in the COVID-19 Era | What you should know

Since international travel restrictions began, it has become more difficult for visa applicants to satisfy their visa requirements – particularly the Offshore Visa Grant Requirement.  This requires many applicants that applied for their visa offshore to also be overseas at the time of their visa grant.  Thankfully, from 27 February 2021 a temporary concession applied which may allow the below Partner…

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