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30 Jun 2016

Tips For Moving To Perth Australia

Whether you’ve decided to move to Perth on a corporate visa or you’ve just decided the laid back lifestyle is for you, you’ll need to consider a few ways to make the move to Australia all that bit smoother. Living in Australia has many perks, from the fantastic weather, to the proximity to Asia, as…

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29 Jun 2016

Best Places To Live Near Perth

Western Australia has a lot of temptations when considering making the move to Perth. Whether you’re after the better weather, or the relaxed lifestyle in Perth, there are many reasons to make this fantastic city your new home. Although there are an abundance of fantastic suburbs outside of Perth that are perfect for families with…

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25 Jun 2016

Changes To The Skilled Occupation List 2016/2017

Another year, another change to the Skilled Occupation List for 2016/17 which will come into effect on 1st July 2016. Announced by The Minister of Immigration and Border Protection it’s good news for Accountants, IT professionals and a large amount of Engineering roles. However several roles on the Skilled Occupation List have been removed which…

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21 Jun 2016

6 Reasons To Migrate To Perth

Two million people live in Perth, making it Australia’s fourth largest city. Despite being the world’s most isolated city in Australia’s largest sate, Perth is thriving. So if you’re looking for reasons to make the move to Australia and are wondering where to settle, here are a few reasons to move to Perth. The Weather…

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13 Jun 2016

Migration Agent Perth

If you are currently researching how to stay in Australia and emigrating to Perth, Western Australia permanently then now is a good time to start looking for a local migration agent in Perth. Using a Perth-based migration agent, if you want to move to Perth is a fantastic way to make sure you get on…

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7 Jun 2016

Why Use A Migration Agent

Why you should use a migration agent… Mostly because they understand what’s required when you’re considering moving to Australia and using a migration agent will save you time and stress. Whether you decide to hire a Perth migration agent to act during your move to Australia can be compared to the decision about whether you…

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