5 Aug 2016

Australia’s Immigration Policies Under Fire – Again

Australian Immigration Policies

With the failure of Australia’s recent election, one of the many things that are likely to take a huge hit is immigration. This is because negotiations between the Liberals and other less popular political parties will influence key policies, including those that concern immigration. And the way things are going, it’s not looking up for people who want to move to Australia.

Then again, immigration concerns have always been a hot topic. In 2015, debate about the benefits and costs of the immigration program gained new ground ahead of the federal budget, even when migrants were considered an economic asset, not everyone was happy about them.

The only difference now is that the call for a change in immigration policies is stronger and a lot tougher. One Nation wants the level of immigration to be limited to the number of people moving out of Australia. That is, for one person leaving, one person can come in.

The same party also called for a ban on Muslim migrants, which became a huge controversy when, following the terror attack in Nice, France, Aussie TV presenter Sonia Kruger made it known that she wants to see Muslims prohibited from entering Australia.

According to her, “There is a correlation between the number of people who are Muslim in a country and the number of terrorist attacks”.

Independent MP Bob Katter also shares in the belief that immigration should be limited, although he’s looking at it from an economic standpoint. He believes that unemployment is due to a huge number of migrants against only a fewer number of jobs. 600,000 migrants each year with only 200,000 jobs available don’t strike a balance at all.

One Nation also suggested that all new citizens have to pass an English test (IELTS), and to live and work in Australia for five years without social security. They also believe that Temporary visas should also be shortened to 2 years.

Visas For Australia

Despite the debate on Australian Immigration policies, people are still making the move to Australia with many opting for Skilled Nominated Visas, Employer Nominated Visas, Family Visas and more.

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Sheila Woods

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