28 Apr 2016

Best Cities To Live In Western Australia

A Guide on where to live in Western Australia

If you’re considering a move to Western Australia, you’re probably headed straight for the capital, Perth, however there is more than meets the eye when deciding on where to settle in WA.


The second largest city in Western Australia, Mandurah is just south of Perth. The city attracts many tourists, and is home to an abundance of marine life, dolphins and pelicans. Mandurah is well known for crabbing and fishing, and there is even a festival held in early March known as Crabfest! But there is more to Mandurah than just the fishing, and two zoos also lie within the outskirts of the city.


North of Perth’s central business district, Joondalup is a regional metropolitan city. This major suburb and shopping hub is a pretty quiet place to stay. Not far from Joondalup is the beautiful Sorrento Quay, at Hillarys Boat Harbour, which boasts more shopping and restaurants. Joondalup is also great for those who love walking and excercising, with walking trails in Neil Hawkins Park.


One of the big sells of this area is that it is right on the beach. South Beach can be easily accessed from the centre of Town which is great news considering the weather is great here all year round. The main street in Fremantle is called the ‘Cappuccino Strip’ due to the large amount of cafes, coffee shops and places to eat for brunch. If you work in Fremantle, you almost never have to leave!


Just over a 40 minute train ride from Perth, Rockingham is a fantastic place to move to. There are plenty of beaches, and it has great facilities and transport. If you live here then you’ll probably be lucky enough to watch the beautiful dolphins swimming along the beach front. If you’re searching for that stress free lifestyle, Rockingham has it.


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