4 Oct 2017

Migrants may need to stay in Australia temporarily before applying for permanent residence

Migrants may need to spend a certain period of time in Australia before becoming eligible for permanent residence, if Government’s plans for mandatory provisional visas go ahead. The Immigration Department recently released a discussion paper stating that temporary residence is increasingly becoming the first step to living in Australia. According to the paper, around half…

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4 Oct 2017

Subclass 400 visas under close scrutiny

While news about 457 visas continue to dominate media reports, lately the Subclass 400 temporary work visa category is also coming under close scrutiny. Under the Subclass 400 visa, businesses are able to engage overseas skilled professionals with highly specialised skills knowledge or experience to fulfil their work requirements. Depending on the industry, this can…

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22 Sep 2017

How businesses are managing the impacts of the 457 visa changes

Businesses across Australia have identified skill shortages to be one of their biggest risk factors going forward following the 457 visa changes on 1 July 2017. MYOB Chief Executive, Tim Reed believes the Government’s changes to 457 visas has now made it significantly more difficult to attract the right skills and talent to grow the business.…

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21 Sep 2017

Are the proposed English requirements for citizenship setting the bar too high?

Australian citizenship is a dream for many migrants – but for those struggling with English as a second language, the proposed English requirements could soon become a barrier to citizenship. Currently, an English language test is not required to pass the citizenship test. Those who are able to pass the current citizenship test are considered…

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4 Aug 2017

Business Sponsors | “Acceptable expenditure” for training benchmarks

There were a number of significant changes to Australia’s skilled visas that took place from 1 July 2017, including changes to the training benchmarks businesses need to undertake if they choose to sponsor visa holders for a subclass 457 visa or 186 TRT. Here’s what businesses and skilled visa holders need to know about the…

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11 Jul 2017

4 things New Zealanders need to know about their new permanent residency options

Are you a New Zealander looking to apply for Australian permanent residency (PR)? There is good news for you. The Immigration Department has recently approved legislative amendments to allow skilled New Zealanders to access PR more easily through a separate ‘New Zealand stream’ for the Subclass 189 visa from 1 July 2017. Under the new stream,…

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30 Jun 2017

Revised Skilled Occupation Lists Announced

Following consultation with industry bodies, the Government has today confirmed which occupations will remain or be added to the revised Medium to Long Term Skilled Occupations List (MLTSOL) and Short Term Skilled Occupations List (STSOL). Immigracious has made note of several changes to the original skilled occupations lists announced by the Government in April. We have documented these below for your…

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22 Jun 2017

Only 18 occupations to remain on WA Skilled Migration List

The State Government yesterday confirmed (21 June 2017) that 160 occupations have been removed from the WA Skilled Migration List (WASMOL), with only 18 occupations remaining eligible for a skilled visa on the list.   Many of the remaining 18 occupations are in the health sector, including midwives, psychiatrists and several classes of registered nurses.…

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