31 Jul 2020

Travelling to Australia as a Critical Worker

Skilled migrants can now apply for a Travel Exemption to work in Australia under a more broad list of Critical Skills and Sectors. The Australian Border Force (ABF) Commissioner has added several new categories of international Travel Exemptions for critical work – including services for mining, supply chain logistics and food production. Here’s the lists.…

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28 Jul 2020

What Australia’s Economic Outlook Means for Immigration

The Government’s recently announced Economic and Fiscal Outlook revealed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across all parts of the Australian economy, including immigration. Australia’s Economic Outlook revealed several forecasts based on a few key assumptions. Several of the assumptions indicate how the Government predicts the pandemic will affect migration to Australia over the coming…

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17 Jul 2020

International arrivals to Australia capped at 4,000 people a week

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison has announced the rate of international arrivals into Australia would be halved to just over 4,000 people per week from Monday 13 July to avoid straining hotel quarantine systems and better manage the risk of COVID-19 infections. International arrivals have been capped for several states: Perth: 525 people/week (or 75 people/day)Brisbane: 500 people/weekSydney: 3150 people/week…

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17 Jul 2020

How COVID-19 Restrictions Continue to Impact Australian Travel

International travel restrictions continue to impact Australian travellers in different ways – here’s a summary for Australian visa holders, permanent residents and citizens. 1. Limitations on who can come to Australia Under the international travel ban, travellers can only come to Australia if they are an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or immediate family member, or…

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11 May 2020

Government financial support for visa holders | COVID-19 Period

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Temporary Visa holders who have lost their income due to business shutdowns and job losses have not been able to access the Federal Government’s support JobKeeper and JobSeeker arrangements. In recognition of the financial hardship some temporary visa holders are experiencing while being unable to safely return to their home country,…

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11 May 2020

Can I apply for the new 408 COVID-19 Visa? Your FAQ’s

Applying for the new COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa can provide some Temporary Visa holders a last resort to lawfully stay in Australia, or to work in critical sectors during the crisis. Here’s our answers to your FAQ’s, which you may find helpful. Can I apply for the Subclass 408 COVID-19 Visa? The visa may be…

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9 Apr 2020

New COVID-19 Visa Stream Announced

The Government has created a new COVID-19 Pandemic Event Visa Stream for essential workers to lawfully remain in Australia.  To apply for the new Visa Stream a person must:   -Have either 28 days or less remaining on their current Temporary Visa, or previously held a visa that expired/ceased no more than 28 days ago; -Be unable to apply for another…

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7 Apr 2020

Government support for Temporary Visa Holders in Australia

On Saturday 4 April 2020, the Government announced changes to support most Temporary Visa holders who have been stood down or have lost work hours due to the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s what you need to know. Temporary Skilled Visa Holders Temporary Skilled Visa holders that have been stood down but not laid off may be able…

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