1 Mar 2017

Government 457 visa fees may be increased

Federal Opposition LeaderBill Shorten is exploring options to increase the 457 visa fee to encourage the use of local workers according to The Australian newspaper.

Mr Shorten signalled his support for raising the application fee for 457 visas to reportedly allow for greater government investments in TAFE and technical educational institutions that train people locally. He has backed a Senate inquiry to explore the options.

“Last year the Immigration Minister issued over 10,400 visas for trade and technician jobs yet apprenticeships in these exact sectors are in decline,” Mr Shorten said.

At the heart of the debate, Mr Shorten said foreign workers were being used as a ‘low-cost substitute for Australian workers’, however many businesses argue the need for foreign workers lies in the difficulties that come with being able to source appropriately skilled candidates from the local labour market in the first place. The 457 visa program is designed to help businesses fill positions which the Government has placed on skill shortage lists.

Read our post on Atlassian co-founder, Mr Cannon-Brooke’s warning regarding the myth portrayed by the media that it is cheaper to employ visa holders than Australian born citizens.

Mr Shorten’s support for an increased 457 visa fee is consistent with Labor’s policy on 457 visas announced last year, which sought to increase the sponsorship fee by $1500 for each additional visa for organisations with more than half the workforce made up of 457 visa holders.

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The Australian


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