17 Jul 2018

New English language standards considered for Permanent Residence

Are you intending to migrate your partner or family members to Australia? The Federal Government are considering changes to ensure all permanent residence applicants, including dependent partners or family members, can meet English language standards at least at a primary school level before being granted permanent residence.

A range of options are being considered by the Government such as mandatory language classes and a new customised English language test, which would apply to all permanent resident applicants.

Currently, people applying for a Partner or Parent visa for example, are not required to pass an English test, however this could change as the Government considers introducing English language requirements for all new permanent residence applicants. The social implications of not being able to reunite with a partner or parent due to their level of English skills however would be significant.

Applicants for permanent residence through skilled visas could also be impacted. Currently there are already mechanisms in place to assess the English skills of dependent applicants for a permanent residence skilled visa, however the changes being considered could introduce more rigour around these mechanisms.

Are the mandatory English language standards for all permanent residents likely to become law?

Plans to introduce mandatory English standards for all new permanent residents have been backed by the Prime Minister, Mr Turnbull, however the idea has been criticised by State Coalition figure heads.

Deputy premier John Barilaro has cautioned against putting too much emphasis on a migrant’s ability to speak English. He said, “I think when you’re looking at the type of people that are coming to this country, it has to be based on the contribution that they can make.”

Any changes that are being considered will need to be passed by parliament, although it is worth noting previous citizenship changes requiring migrants to speak English at a university-level were blocked by the Senate last year. Now that a primary-school level of English is in question, there is a chance the changes for permanent residence applicants could be passed into law. Immigracious will keep you updated on any legislative changes to permanent residence visas.

Are you eligible for Australian permanent residence?

If you would like to know if you or a family member are eligible to apply for Australian permanent residence, contact Immigracious’ registered migration agents for a complimentary visa assessment on 08 6263 4406 or

Source: Perth Now, ABC News, ABC News and The West Australian



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