10 May 2016

Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) Explained

How To Use VEVO

You may have heard of VEVO, but do you know what it is? VEVO stands for Visa Entitlement Verification Online. Whether you’ve already secured your visa to live in Australia be it a Skilled Independent Visa, Working Holiday Visa or Partner Visa or are currently seeking out employment opportunities within Australia, using Visa Entitlement Verification Online enables you to know a little more about your situation and leverage your chances of finding a job that will help keep you in Australia.

VEVO enables you to view and email your visa details and conditions to prospective employers, meaning you’re more likely to secure a job in Australia. VEVO also provides information 24/7.

So What Can You Do with VEVO?

As a visa holder using VEVO, not only can you access it through the myVEVO app for free, you can send your visa details to any email address you choose – meaning you’re always in the know.

What can VEVO do for you?

If you give permission, VEVO can provide registered organisations with your relevant info and visa details to check if you’re legible to work or study in Australia. However these organisations won’t see all of your information – just the important parts.

What kind of Organisations can see my details?

Organisations that qualify to register for VEVO include:
• Registered Migration Agents (RMAs)
• employers
• labour suppliers
• education providers
• other organisations such as: financial institution, real estate agents, telecommunication companies and
• Government agencies.

In order to register these organisations must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN). Organisations legible to use VEVO will appear on the Australian Business Register.

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Sheila Woods

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