18 Jul 2016

Migration pathways to Australia – Skilled Occupation List (SOL)

It is necessary to nominate an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List if one is applying for an independent or family sponsored points tested or temporary graduate visa (sub class 485 – Graduate work stream).

Skills Assessment

If you need a skills assessment as part of the visa process then it will be necessary to contact a relevant skills assessment authority. All forms that may be necessary to complete will be provided by the relevant skills testing authority. It is worth bearing in mind that the a relevant Assessing Authority will charge for providing the assessment of your skills in your given trade – however taking a skills assessment will help your visa application for Australia.

Skilled Occupation List

The Skilled Occupation List for 2016/17 was recently announced with some roles being added and struck off the list.

Occupations being added to the SOL from 1st July 2016 are:

Orthotist or Prosthetist (ANZSCO 251912)

Audiologist (ANZSCO 252711).

Occupations that have been removed from the SOL on 1 July 2016 are:

Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum) (ANZSCO 233611)

Petroleum Engineer (ANZSCO 233612)

Metallurgist (ANZSCO 234912)

Environmental Health Officer (ANZSCO 251311)

Occupational Health and Safety Adviser (ANZSCO 251312)

Dental Hygienist (ANZSCO 411211)

Dental Prosthetist (ANZSCO 411212)

Dental Technician (ANZSCO 411213)

Dental Therapist (ANZSCO 411214).

The top 10 jobs available in Australia are in Accounting, IT and Engineering, however nursing continues to feature high as always.
At the other end of the scale there are trades such as construction, metal work and the automotive trades. It is often difficult to obtain a skills assessment in such trades and it might be a good plan to apply to a skills assessment body for a skills assessment.

The list continues to be a long one and we recommend you contact one of our migration agents to discuss the best options available to you so you can begin your migration story to Australia.


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