8 Aug 2016

Tips For Emigrating To Australia

What You Need to Know Before Migrating to Australia

Moving to Australia and getting the appropriate visa is not that easy, which is why it pays to seek Australia migration advice at every step of the way from a registered migration agent. The Australian government is very particular in ensuring the integrity of the immigration system. This is why non-Australian citizens must be aware of the rules of migrating to Australia.

Are you planning to emigrate to Australia?

You should be aware that all foreigners, with the exception of New Zealanders, must have a visa to enter Australia. Failure to present the required documents would mean detention and removal from Australian soil. But not everyone may qualify. Whether or not you’re eligible for a visa depends on the migration act and regulations, and any amendments to them. And no, discrimination of age, character, criminal grounds or medical factors, has nothing to do with the Australian immigration system.

Can you bring your family with you to Australia?

The short answer is no. But the long one is a maybe. The target migration into the country is more on skills than family. So there is a big possibility that you will be approved for a visa through the skilled migration paths available, but not your family. But there are always exceptions to the rule, there are a number of family visas you can express an interest in applying for.

What if your visa application is rejected?

If there is an Australian sponsoring interest, an appeal is available through an independent review tribunal in Australia. Since an application review and visa application is treated as two different things, there is a possibility for a rejection to be overturned. An appeal can also be lodged with the Federal and High Courts, but will require legal representation.

How can you protect yourself against visa scams?

A Perth migration agent, or for any location for that matter, can provide you with valuable information and assistance with regards to moving to Perth or Australia, but they shouldn’t give you guarantees of getting an approved for a visa. They are not immigration officers, after all. They can help you along the way, but they’re not the ones to approve your visa application.

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