13 Nov 2018

Australia relaxes Working Holiday Visa program restrictions

The Government has announced Australia’s Working Holiday Visa program restrictions will be relaxed, which is good news if you would like to work in regional areas of Australia for a few years while taking the opportunity to do some sight-seeing.

Over the past year, agricultural businesses have been actively advocating for visa changes to more easily employ overseas visa holders during peak harvest seasons and in response, the Government has decided to relax Working Holiday Visa program restrictions to assist farming businesses facing labour shortages while it considers plans to develop a dedicated agricultural visa.

In addition to the agricultural industry, other businesses that rely on the Working Holiday Visa program may also find the changes helpful. This includes businesses in the mining, construction, hospitality and tourism industries with regional operations. Find out more about the Working Holiday Visa program and what the changes mean for you if you’d like to live and work in regional Australia.


Relaxed Working Holiday Visa Program Restrictions


Irish and Canadian citizens can now apply for a Working Holiday Visa up to the age of 35

As part of the relaxed Working Holiday Visa program restrictions, the maximum age limit has increased to 35 years of age for Irish and Canadian Citizens. For all other countries, the age limit remains at 31 years of age, however the Government has indicated it may initiate changes to the age limit for additional partner countries.

A longer stay in Australia

From July 2019, you may be able to apply for a third year on a Working Holiday or Work and Holiday Visa if you undertake six months of ‘specific work in regional Australia’ while on the second year of your visa. This includes agricultural work under the relaxed Working Holiday Visa program restrictions.

Work in a variety of regional areas

From July 2019, you will no longer be restricted to working in regional areas of Northern Australia to apply for a second year on a Work and Holiday (Subclass 462) Visa. You may be able to use your regional work in areas of New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia as well as all areas of the Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania to be eligible to apply for a second or third year.

No need to switch employers

Under the current Work and Holiday Visa program restrictions, you can only stay with the same employer for up to six months. From July 2019 however, you may be able to keep working for the same employer for one year if your employer is in the plant and agricultural industry. This also gives agricultural businesses greater stability to manage their labour needs.


How Immigracious assist businesses and individuals with the visa process

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