11 Nov 2016

Reduced Tax Rate for Working Holiday Visa Holders

It seems the voices of Australian Farming and Tourism businesses were heard loud and clear recently when the Government announced its decision to lower the amount of tax charged to working holiday visa holders, known as the ‘backpacker’s tax’, from 32.5 per cent to 19 per cent.

President of The National Farmers’ Federation, Brent Finlay stated, “We are delighted to see Government listening to its constituency and not put in place a tax that would have hurt farm production and ultimately, the Australian economy.”

For those interested in an Australian working holiday visa, the changes will not only mean a reduced tax rate, but also a saving of $50 off the Government application charge for a working holiday visa.

Businesses employing working holiday visa holders will also see greater flexibility in the working holiday scheme. Employers with premises in different regions will be able to employ a working holiday visa holder for 12 months, with the worker able to work for six months in both regions.

Tourism and Agriculture is considered a booking industry in WA. Read our post about the potential for employment in the tourism and agriculture industries.

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Source: Migration Institute of Australia.

Sheila Woods

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