6 Apr 2016

457 Visa To Australian Permanent Resident

How To Become A Permanent Resident in Australia With A 457 Visa


Good news for 457 visa holders, you could now become a permanent resident in Australia through the ENS Temporary Residence Transition stream.

Here’s some tips and things you need to know to make your move to Australia permanent…

A lot of 457 visa holders think that they will automatically become a permanent resident in Australia, however there are quite a few important criteria that need to be met.


What employment qualifies you for a permanent visa application?

Work in your sponsored position for 2 years.

Note: Unpaid leave during your time in this position, will NOT count towards this.

You must have a 457 visa the entire time of this period.

Your employer must remain the same during this period.

You must work full time – e.g. 35 hours per week.


So what do you need from your employer to support your Permanent Residency Application?

Your employer must provide evidence that they have met the training obligation in each year that they have sponsored you – and this also applies to training of Australian permanent residents and citizens in the whole business.

They must also provide financial details of the business – including profit and loss, a balance sheet and their Australian Tax Office filings!

Your employer also needs to show confirmation of your position and conditions of employment.


What requirements do you need to make?

To apply for permanent residency you must be under the age of 50 at the time you lodge your application – however there are exemptions for those of you that are highly paid!

You will also need to demonstrate IELTS 5 in each band or the equivalent, and the results must be valid for 3 years.

It is also possible to qualify for a 457 visa with an average score of 5, but this doesn’t apply to ENS, which means you may well have to re-take your English test!


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