8 Jul 2021

International arrivals to Australia halved

The National Cabinet agreed last week to halve the number of international arrivals to Australia:

International arrivals will reduce from 6,370 down to 3,035 people per week by 14 July 2021.

This will be in place until at least the start of 2022, unless medical advice recommends otherwise.

Commercial flights will be cut, however repatriation flights will increase to bring Australians home.

This follows calls from State and Territory leaders to relieve pressure on quarantine systems while most of Australia’s States are experiencing Delta variant COVID-19 cases.

Prime Minister, Scott Morrison also announced a Four-Phase Plan to resume international travel and emerge from the pandemic.

What this means for Businesses and Visa Applicants/Holders

In the immediate term, reduced arrival numbers will likely mean a reduced availability of Travel Exemptions for individuals leaving and entering Australia.

We may see the Government apply greater discretion to Outbound Travel Exemptions, given the risk of returning with the Delta strain.

Recently, the Government acknowledged the need for businesses to access skilled migration to ease skills shortages that have emerged due to international travel restrictions – for example, by allowing more priority skilled visas and introducing a new Agriculture Visa.

A reduction in overseas arrivals to manage the Delta variant will challenge these initiatives in the immediate term as the Government manages competing priorities of health and economic recovery.

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