22 Jun 2017

Only 18 occupations to remain on WA Skilled Migration List

The State Government yesterday confirmed (21 June 2017) that 160 occupations have been removed from the WA Skilled Migration List (WASMOL), with only 18 occupations remaining eligible for a skilled visa on the list.


Many of the remaining 18 occupations are in the health sector, including midwives, psychiatrists and several classes of registered nurses.

Below is the list of eligible occupations on the WA Skilled Migration List announced on 21 June 2017:

– Sonographer

– Orthoptist

– Audiologist

– General Practitioner

– Gastroenterologist

– Rheumatologist

– Psychiatrist

– Neurosurgeon

– Otorhinolaryngologist

– Vascular Surgeon

– Obstetrician and gynaecologist

– Radiation oncologist

– Midwife

– Registered Nurse (Child and Family Health)

– Registered Nurse (Community Health)

– Registered Nurse (Critical Care and Emergency)

– Registered Nurse (Mental Health)

– Registered Nurse (Perioperative)

Skilled overseas workers who have the skills and experience for the above occupations may be eligible for a Subclass 190 Skilled Nominated Visa and/or a Subclass 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa, depending on the occupation.

The Subclass 190 Visa allows skilled professionals to work and live in Australia as a permanent resident, whereas the Subclass 489 visa is a four-year provisional visa that enables migrants to work in regional parts of Western Australia.

A range of occupations from trades to professionals have been affected by the changes. Skilled professionals who are experienced in an occupation that is no longer on the list are encouraged to explore other visa options that may be available to them. A migration agent can help you to determine your visa options and guide you through any legislative changes.

Premier Marl McGowan also confirmed yesterday that the Federal Government has agreed to remove Perth as an eligible region for work visas under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) for a Subclass 187 Work Visa.

To understand how the changes may impact your work visa options, contact Immigracious’ registered migration agents at or 086263 406 or get a complimentary visa assessment here.



The Department of Immigration and Border Protection

The West Australian

Sheila Woods

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