31 May 2016

What do you need to know before migrating to Perth?

A guide to migrating to Perth

Subject to approval from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIPB) to migrate to Australia you’ll enjoy a new environment and culture, the outdoor living and the work opportunities that Perth offers.

Before migrating to Perth it’s helpful to know that migration agents in Perth are legally permitted to advise on migration, however, Perth migration agents are not immigration officials so they do not make the final decision about whether an application to migrate to Australia is to be approved.

Many people employ Perth migration agents to assist them with the immigration process and to coordinate the inherent paperwork. There is a charge for this and although hiring Perth migration agents is not mandatory it’s advisable.

Will your move require a visa and how long does the process take?

Visas are compulsory and to migrate to Perth you must know what you intend to do there, this is important because each visa type has its own criteria and as you can imagine applications often take a few months to process so errors or ambiguity cause rejections and queries which delay or halt the move to Australia.

Are your skills needed in Australia?

Australia’s migration targets are revised yearly and as much as humanitarian and refugee intakes are managed the government evaluates applications from other nationalities against the skills and expertise Australia needs and what an applicant can offer to Perth.

Think of it in terms of your move to Perth being considered as a benefit to the country’s economy and growth. Perth is particularly keen to recruit teachers, tradesmen and women, builders and mining and oil industry skilled workers. Western Australia’s demand for IT professionals is less than in Eastern Australia. Employment agencies, websites and local advertising carry job details and it is sensible to make curriculum vitae suitable for Australian employers and to understand equivalent grades so if you have a U.K. A level this is equivalent to Australia’s Senior Secondary Certificate of Education at High School.

What’s the cost of living in Perth?

The cost of living in Perth is variable depending on how and where you intend to live, for example, a small house will cost less to run that a large one, suburbs and schooling opportunities can affect property prices and the costs to rent, purchase or build a property will stretch your pocket to different degrees.

The average cost of living figure is just under AUD$30,000 per annum so around £14,700. Grocery shopping costs approximately AUD$250 (£123) per week.

Before you migrate to Perth it is highly recommended that you investigate suburbs and make a shortlist of preferred options. Your accommodation upon landing in your new home should be in a good area to help you settle in.

An integral part of the move to Australia is the shipping of belongings, this entails getting quotes from specialist relocation companies and establishing what you will receive for the fee, including insurance cover, to get the most effective service.

The effort needed to migrate to Australia is repaid manifold in the experience and joy of Perth life and knowing that it’s always warm there.


Sheila Woods

Posted by: Sheila Woods

A very experienced migration agent, Sheila has always been fascinated by this field. Her university degree thesis was on Australia’s post-war immigration history (and it earned her first-class honours).

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