10 Aug 2016

Moving To Western Australia Guide – Living In Joondalup

If you’re considering moving to Western Australia, then you may be wondering where’s best to live near Perth.

Although Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, living costs can be considerably higher than in cities slightly further out.

Living in Joondalup

If you’re considering wanting to live and work near Perth, then Joondalup presents a good option. Not only is it a city in its own right, but you can commute fairly easily to the Perth CBD with the journey only taking between 20-30 minutes via car, or just under an hour on the train.

Amenities in Joondalup

Joondalup is fairly developed city with many amenities. From hospitals to schools, leisure centres, plenty of parks and events, you’re hard pressed not to enjoy life in this Western Australian city. Just north of Perth, Joondalup is a great place for nearly everyone. Joondalup also has a good amount of bars and restaurants making it an affordable option for professionals who want to escape Perth on the weekends.

Nature in Joondalup

Joondalup is surrounded by stunning nature reserves, fantastic beaches and more, so if you’re planning on moving to Australia with the family then you may want to consider settling in a city such as Joondalup.

Working in Joondalup

Not everyone who lives in Joondalup commutes to Perth, Joondalup has a fantastic array of job opportunities as it stands, and with a busy hospital this could be of interest to health care workers wanting to emigrate to Australia.

Cultural Activities in Joondalup

Alongside fantastic food markets, Joondalup has a brilliant events calendar with plenty of family friendly events happening all year round, as well as live music and visual art events.

Visas for Moving To Australia

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