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10 Aug 2016

Moving To Western Australia Guide – Living In Joondalup

If you’re considering moving to Western Australia, then you may be wondering where’s best to live near Perth. Although Perth is the capital city of Western Australia, living costs can be considerably higher than in cities slightly further out. Living in Joondalup If you’re considering wanting to live and work near Perth, then Joondalup presents…

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8 Aug 2016

Tips For Emigrating To Australia

What You Need to Know Before Migrating to Australia Moving to Australia and getting the appropriate visa is not that easy, which is why it pays to seek Australia migration advice at every step of the way from a registered migration agent. The Australian government is very particular in ensuring the integrity of the immigration…

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5 Aug 2016

Australia’s Immigration Policies Under Fire – Again

Australian Immigration Policies With the failure of Australia’s recent election, one of the many things that are likely to take a huge hit is immigration. This is because negotiations between the Liberals and other less popular political parties will influence key policies, including those that concern immigration. And the way things are going, it’s not…

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26 Jul 2016

What to Expect When Emigrating to Perth Australia

Information on Emigrating to Australia Consistently taking a spot in the list of the top 10 liveable cities in the world, Perth shows some real promise as a great place for relocation. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the lifestyle the city can offer? What’s it like living in Perth? Travelling and Commuting Around Perth Unlike…

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15 Jul 2016

Know The Facts Before Emigrating To Perth, WA

Know the Facts Before Migrating to Western Australia Are you planning to move to Western Australia (WA)? Before you do, find out what to expect when you relocate to Perth. Doing so will make the transition a lot easier, especially where employment and cost of living are concerned. Western Australia is an amazing place to…

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19 May 2016


Emigrate to Western Australia If you’re planning on moving to Western Australia then you may be surprised to learn that there are other cities to live in outside of Perth. Although Perth presents an attractive prospects for migrants to Western Australia, living costs can be higher than other cities in Western Australia. Moving to Perth…

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4 May 2016

Partner Visa Processing Times Reduced

Partner Visas for Australia Being away from your loved one can be hard, so if you’re separated by a few continents and oceans, then you may want to apply for a Partner Visa for Australia. What Is A Partner Visa? There are two types of Partner Visa available, a temporary Partner visa (subclass 820) is…

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